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The Birth of HEDock: My Personal Journey with the Apple Watch

Howard Huang
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I was entranced the moment Apple unveiled the Apple Watch. It was clear to me that this device was not just a game-changer, but a true work of art. And I knew, right then and there, that it deserved a charging stand just as beautiful and special. That's why I created HEDock.

I was one of the first, if not the first, to bring a charging stand for the Apple Watch to market. It all started with a vision, a simple website, and a talented cousin who could bring my dream to life with 3D renderings. I took pre-orders before I even had a product, but the passion and excitement from early adopters fueled me to turn my vision into a reality.

I tried and failed to bring HEDock to big box retail and even approached Apple directly as I felt the minimalist design was aligned with their brand.

Today, I have leftover inventory sitting in my garage, and instead of selling it, I want to offer it to the world in a new way. You can now pay what you want for HEDock, even if it's $0. All I ask is that you cover the shipping costs which is set at $6 flat in the contiguous US.

This is my personal invitation to elevate your Apple Watch charging experience with HEDock.

HEDock Product Description

The HEDock is the perfect Apple Watch Stand. HEDock is made from high quality aluminum and designed to safely charge your watch on your desk or by your bedside. It is the perfect accessory to accompany your Apple Watch.

Key Features and Design:

  • Upright Stand. Designed specifically for the Apple Watch.
  • Minimalist, Industrial Design. That looks great by your side.
  • Urethane Coating. To prevent scratches to your watch.
  • Brushed Aluminum. With an environmentally friendly finish.
  • Charger Seat. Designed to hold the watch charger in place.
  • Silver Color. To match the design language.


  1. Just to make it extra clear, it's a stand. Does not come with charger, but needs a charger to keep the Apple Watch in place.
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The Birth of HEDock: My Personal Journey with the Apple Watch

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